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Entry #2


2012-08-11 17:17:48 by AgentThebes
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So... It seems my first Animation got mixed reviews.. but I was overall impressed that people enjoyed it despite being a REAL short short.. anyways I have projects I'm working on... One is of course for Madness Day... Screeny shall be up soon.. The other COULD be part of a hilarious Comedy with violence Madness Series.. right now I am focusing on the MD Project of course... which is also Comedy...... If any of you are hosting a MC Collab with an empty space lemme know.. I do want to be included in those too!


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2012-08-11 21:27:26

AgentThebes responds:

I see what you did there.


2012-08-12 04:31:09

agentthebesT ? looks like ur missing some letters... anyway the short was nonsense

AgentThebes responds:

Exactly.. nonsense.. meheheh... oh and it's meant to just be Thebes.. no extra T, brah.